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It's the Sound!

Opened in 1996 by Sonalysts Studios, Power Station New England was built to complement their film and video soundstages, touring band rehearsal stages and mega production facilities. Power Station New England was designed by producer Tony Bonjovi to replicate his 53rd Street location in New York City. The New York studio is recognized by many as one of the finest acoustic environments for recording in the world… and we have its twin-sister studio right here in Connecticut.

It's the People!

Managed by Curt Ramm, (who performs regularly with Bruce Springsteen, They Might Be Giants and super-producer Nile Rodgers), the studio boasts some of the best people in the Northeast to work on your project. Our engineers are hand picked and many have producer credits as well as engineer credits to their names. They will take on all of the details of making a world-class recording so you can concentrate on your music.

It's the Vibe!

Power Station New England sits on a film studio back-lot in southeastern Connecticut. The recording studio itself is private and can only be accessed by the artist, band, their producer and engineers. This allows the musicians to focus on their art and get the most out of their project.

It's the Room!

The 1,700 sq ft main studio room includes five isolation rooms and the signature 35-foot dome with a sound that you just can’t get in another studio. And the 400 sq ft control room is loaded with everything you need to make a world class record. Why record in a dull sounding basement, when you can record in a world-class acoustically designed room where hundreds of gold and platinum records were recorded. Your music deserves it.

It's the Gear!

Everyone has ProTools HD and lots of plug-ins… We do too. We currently have four rooms running HD. Our recording console is a NEVE VR72 and we have an impressive array of Analog Outboard Gear that includes Sheps and Millenia MicPre’s, Pultec EQs, GML, Universal LA2s, LA3s, 1176, Lexicon, Eventide, DBX and Yamaha. What’s more, our vintage microphone collection is like none other in New England. We have Neumann U47 Tubes, U67 Tubes, AKG C24 and C12, RCA 77 and 44 Ribbon Mics, Royer, Neumann U87s, 47FET’s, and a variety of Neumann TLM microphones as well as Sennheiser 441 and 421 mics

It's Our Clients!

Our clients range from Bluegrass to Jazz, Hip Hop to Metal… Major Record labels and National Artists, right down to the Local Musician down the street. We especially like to work with the “undiscovered” talent that’s right in our backyard here in the Northeast. We love seeing the looks on artist’s faces when they hear their music that has been recorded in a world class studio.

It's Your Project!

We encourage you to talk with our engineers to get the most from your session. They can give you insight and special tips on how best to be prepared to record your project.

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It's Your Budget!

We work with artists so they can get the “biggest bang for the buck”. You can have the same level of production for a fraction of what it costs to record in the big New York studios. And there are no “a la-carte” fees at PSNE. Musicians can use any of the vintage microphones and equipment available in the studio at no extra charge.

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It's What You Think!

We love to hear from our friends who have had the opportunity to record here!

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Find Your True Sound!

To speak to someone about your project, arrange a tour of the studio, or book recording time, contact us by email at: or call 860-326-3835.